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Hey my friends,

 Last Night , at 9PM ESTprior to the event Dave Wood and some incredibly special guests have banded together to bring you one hell of a surprise webCast.

Here is the link: http://Orlando Buzz

I would drop what you're doing and get there. This is your chance
to be first in line to what could very well be the information you've
been waiting for.

Appreciate you,

Listen to the replay,

JoAnn Adinolfi Holstein

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Joann Adinolfi Holstein

The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income


Should be removed any day now. 



Click Here To Get Replay

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  1. yeah... you get the leads
  2. yeah... you get the sales

Here is the Link to the Top Producer Formula Review



It's the MAIN IPA (Income producing activity) that pays you...

You get the leads and sales.... spread this to your team.

I did the work... you get paid.

WHY? Cause I care about your Success.

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I just had the opportunity to listen to 1/2 Toby and Layla Toby Black.  He was discussing with all who saw his video how important it is to Own Up To Your Own Habits!  

He and Layla were on a walk with their little one Beatrice and they were discussing

their habits.  They have not been making many videos this past years since they had their little girl Beatrice.  They were able to do this because they had habits in place that allowed them to make 6 figures a year.  Toby and Layla did have a dip in their income but were still able to live their wonderful life.  

It is true that not everyone would be able to live this life if they stopped working for 6-9 months.  Income disclaimers are always important to state.   

We do not know what your work habits are or even know you at all so we can not say that you will continue making a substantial income if you were to cut back working and taking more vacations.

They contribute much of their success to Empower Network and I too agree that Empower does have a compensation plan in place that helps to contribute to an outstanding life style if you so choose to develop those habits and change your mindset to succeed and work your but off.  Nothing comes easy with working online in your business.  There are not any get rich programs out their.


So my question to you today is are  you ready to Own Up To Your Own Habits?

Are you ready to develop good habits which will get you into a different mindset to learn the techniques needed to further your career?

I have chosen to develop my habits for the good.  I have that desire to expand my horizons with learning techiques such as pinterest, instagram, youtube, facebook, twitter, and many others.  I am becoming so comfortable with the trainings that Layla and others have taught me within Super Women Bootcamp 3.0 that I am developing habits and owning up to those habits to become Successful. I also realize that it really is not about the product it is all about you yourself.  People buy you  not the product.  They need to know, like and trust you before they ever take out that credit card and buy.

You still have the opportunit to Own Up To Your Habits and get involved with Super Women 3.0 and learn these techniques and be associated with an amazing group of women.  

I am sending over a Youtube Video with information on how you can join our Super Woman Boot Camp 3.0.  Don't mind the dates you can still join and do all the assignments to create new habits for yourself.  

I have put out for you today two important videos for you to watch to start changing your habits.  To expand those habits into a positive productive environment.  

So I too am part of Empower Network and you can view my blog by going to http://joannholstein.com.  

I am also very involved with another company called Skinny Body Care and I can not tell you how much I love these products.  I am a product of the product.  

You can view my website by going to http://joannholstein.SBCMovie.com and I want to remind you to call in to hear more about The Owner Ben Glinsky the owner of Skinny Body Care and be connected with important information about the product Skinny Fiber and Ageless.

So if I can expand my habits to grow my business' so can you.

I am a Super Women and I want you to be a Super Woman or a Super Man.

God Bless,



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